Our Certifications

In the absence of rigorous government oversight of the cosmetics industry, we believe third-party organic certification is a valid and responsible method of ensuring your safety.

You should not have to compromise your body, or the planet, to get something that works.

This is why we have three organic certifications, and why we certify our very own manufacturing facility in Australia.

Our commitment to organic certification means our ingredients are grown respectfully, without pesticides or other chemicals being dumped onto the earth.

Ausganica is also a Cruelty Free brand. Our ingredients are never tested on animals, and we are certified by Choose Cruelty Free Australia.

Four certifications is more than we really need, but we believe that the extra assurances we can give you are worth it!

Full Ingredient Transparency

We don’t just say we are certified organic, we are fully transparent with you about the certified organic content of our formulations.

Ausganica uses only certified organic, natural origin, and safe, plant-based ingredients in our product formulations.

You can see that each product package displays in print the exact percentage of organic ingredients it contains.

On average, our core product lineup contains 88 percent certified organic ingredients, and many contain much higher percentages, up to 100 percent.

To see all our ingredients, visit Our Ingredients.

To shop for your certified organic skin, hair, and body care needs, visit the Ausganica.com.au.

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