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Moreen Liao is the founder and creator of Ausganica, one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of spa-quality certified organic cosmetics.

Moreen is the former vice-president of one of Australia’s largest cosmetics ingredients suppliers, as well as a former dean of the New Directions Institute of Natural Therapies. During her tenure the institute was one of the most innovative of its time.

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With deep industry experience as a formulation chemist, four generations of family lineage rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a commitment to the very best quality ingredients, Moreen formulates for both functional efficacy, and holistic mind-body results.

Ausganica’s tagline is “Reconnect with Nature.” This comes from Moreen’s holistic understanding that disharmony can arise when we are separated from nature, and it refers to her commitment to helping her clients stay connected through their daily self-care rituals.

Moreen is dedicated to conscious beauty, to the certified organic standards of ethical sourcing, and to formulating products free from synthetics and anything harmful to women’s bodies or the environment.

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Press Mentions & Awards

Ausganica has been featured in InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Elle Magazine, and Women’s Health magazines, and has been awarded by Art Bodega and Elite magazines.
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