Why Rose Beauty? Ausganica's Founder Explains Why Rose Is So Effective

Many people ask our founder and formulation chemist Moreen Liao why she uses rose oil so liberally in her collections, and also why rose is so good for the skin.

Below is her answer:

We use a lot of rose oil because it contains by far the most comprehensive constituents from all the extracts that you can get from the natural realm.

And we all know that we cannot formulate anything better than nature.

So rose itself has an abundance of ingredients and nutrition that no formulation chemist can match.

It includes the scent, the feel, and the energy it can bring you.

Even if you try just a small drop on your skin, or a lotion, or in any of the Ausganica products, you will feel the difference, because we only use the premium rose oil.

Perfect pH

It’s not only Rose oil. We also use a lot of Rose Hydrosol, and Rose Hydrosol has a natural pH of 5.5, which is the same pH as your skin.

It’s what your skin wants, and it covers everything—from your mind, body, and soul, to your skin and hair—and even your hormone balance.

Try Ausganica

Ausganica’s Rose Skincare line for antiaging and mature skin is literally packed with roses.

Moreen formulated her rose skincare with seven different certified organic rose ingredients, including the precious Rose Otto Essential Oil, Rose Hip Oil, and Rose Hydrosol.

There is also Rose Flower Extract, Rose and Geranium Essential Oil Blend, Rose Hip Fruit Oil, and Rose Hip Fruit Extract.

And they are all certified organic!

Imagine, each rose ingredients brings its own depth and complexity of function to the product.

Shop Ausganica’s Rose Skincare, and Rose Hair & Body collections today, and discover for yourself why roses are really women’s best skincare secret.

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