Our Roses

Do you love roses because they remind you of romance, or for their alluring scent that sinks into your soul like a warm embrace?

We certainly do.

But did you also know that roses have been cherished since antiquity as the Queen of Flowers for their profound skincare benefits, and that Ausganica has been a leader in rose beauty for over ten years already?

This ancient wisdom about Rose Beauty has only recently started to gain popularity.

The attention can be attributed to modern science verifying what has always been known about the extraordinary qualities of the rose, such as:

  • Extraordinary anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities.
  • A complex natural chemical structure of 300 unique molecules that is impossible to mimic with artificial means.
  • Mild astringency that’s perfect for soothing and perfecting skin.
  • Skin balancing, with the effect of restoring skin’s natural pH.
  • The ability to smooth fine lines, redness, and wrinkles.
  • Gentle and cooling properties; safe for all skin types and children.
  • A divine scent that calms, balances, and gently uplifts the mood with every use.


    7 Certified Organic Rose Ingredients

    Ausganica’s founder and formulation chemist Moreen Liao chooses to feature rose in her skincare, and hair and body formulations, because of the flower’s unparallelled natural properties.

    Over 300 unique molecules in a rose cannot be reproduced by any chemist, so Moreen focused on sourcing the purest certified organic roses possible, the same as she does with all her botanicals.

    The result is products that shine with the efficacy and simple strength of nature, combined with the best of holistic science. It’s what keeps our customers coming back for more.  

    Moreen uses seven different rose ingredients in her formulations, because each brings its own functional and active beauty benefits. And every single one of them is certified organic.

    You can find these seven rose varieties in our Rose Skincare and Hair & Body collections, as well as others.

    1. Rosa Centifollia (Rose) Flower Extract
    2. Rosa Damascena Flower Water (Rose Hydrosol)
    3. Parfum (Rose and Geranium Essential Oil Blend)
    4. Rosa Canina (Rose Hip) Fruit Oil
    5. Rosa Canina (Rose Hip) Fruit Extract
    6. Rosa Damascena (Rose Otto) Oil
    7. Rose Hip Oil


        Ausganica’s Rose Collections 

        Rose Skincare

        Our Rose Skincare collection offers the most advanced certified organic antiaging for mature skin on the market.

        Each item in the collection features the incredible moisturizing, restorative, and protective properties of the ancient facial miracle of rose, combined with dozens more powerful botanicals in potent concentrations.

        We invite you to experience our seven different certified organic rose ingredients in this collection, including the coveted Rose Otto Oil, Rose Hip Oil, and Rose Hydrosol.


        Rose Hair & Body

        Our bestselling Rose Hair & Body collection is soap-free, and literally packed with botanical actives designed as functional therapy for mind, body, scalp, and soul.

        We invite you to check our ingredients and see for yourself why this is our most popular with returning customers.


        Rose Scentherapy

        Our Rose Scentherapy perfume is like no other, with 10,000 roses per crystal bottle inspiring remembrances of a loving embrace.


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