Our Founder

Moreen Liao is the founder and formulation chemist for Ausganica, the company she started in 2008 after a decade of learning and working in the beauty industry.

At that time, she established her own manufacturing facility in Sydney, Australia, because nobody else would manufacture to her exacting standards.

To really ensure the quality, she certified the facility “Australian Certified Organic,” and then got two more certifications for the brand, both in Australia, and internationally with COSMOS Organic.  

Now with 20 years of beauty industry experience under her belt, Moreen is not someone to settle for second in anything, either in quality, or in environmental responsibility.

She has already traversed the world to turn Ausganica into a global brand without undermining any of her original values.

Introducing her premium skin, hair, and body care, to Americans, is only her latest focus and passion.

Strong Roots And Hard Work

Moreen was born in Taiwan, and raised by parents who tended a large garden filled with flowers and plants that she had a natural affinity for. The early childhood memories she associates with botanicals are both cherished and endlessly inspiring to her.

Her family practised natural medicine, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It was wisdom that had been passed down in the family for four generations to Moreen, and it is a deep ocean of knowledge she draws from when formulating for Ausganica.

Moreen completed her studies in Fashion and Apparel Design and Marketing at the prestigious Fujen Catholic University in Taiwan, which is also where she started her first beauty company, manufacturing natural soaps and cosmetics. Simply Naturals, as she called it, was sold at five cosmetics counters in Taiwan at the time.

Moreen’s professional background spans business management, cosmetics’ packaging, textiles, outsource manufacturing, natural and conventional product formulation, Korean beauty, and education.

Ausganica is the third natural beauty company Moreen has started, and while working as VP of a global supplier to the natural beauty and spa industries (New Directions Australia), she has worked with hundreds more.  

She has also worked as Dean and Registrar of a fully accredited educational institute that offered advanced diplomas in beauty and natural therapies. In this capacity, she has collaborated with some of the best talents in natural therapy, both East and West.

A Holistic Approach

In the past, when Moreen would formulate products according to her client’s specifications, she used to dream—if time and cost were not a factor—about what it would be like to create the very best skincare, haircare, and bodycare on the planet.

She’d seen a lot of shortcuts taken by other brands, and she was concerned about the environment, so she resolved to create products for Ausganica that were both effective AND certified organic.

In fact, Moreen is a pioneer in this field, as she helped to write the organic standards in Australia, and was among the first beauty companies to become certified organic.

Moreen has a strong background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is a certified Aromatherapist, and a doula, which gives her profound insight into the multifaceted dimensions of mind-body healing and women’s health.

Formulation is Moreen’s passion, and her approach with Ausganica is always to achieve both functional efficacy, and holistic mind-body results.

Moreen’s Vision

The name Ausganica stands for “Australian Organic Care.”

As an Australia-domiciled company, Moreen was inspired by the Australian lifestyle she observed and lived, one that’s defined by simplicity and holistic living.  

Moreen’s vision is to make it possible for her customers to enjoy a healthy, vibrant, and carefree living environment.

“By choosing only natural, certified organic, and cruelty-free ingredients for my products, and certifying my manufacturing facility, I can ensure our community is happy and well,” says Moreen.

For more information about Moreen’s professional background, see her LinkedIn profile.

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