Our Products

Ausganica sought out to far exceed both the results skin care products deliver and the highest levels of clean beauty standards. Our products are extremely unique and match no other beauty product on the market today, because they have the highest concentration of triple certified, organic earth derived ingredients. We formulate products within our own Certified Organic lab, using only 100% plant based ingredients, and incorporating Founder Moreen Liao’s Professional Expertise and Core Beliefs:

- the healing powers of plants the earth naturally provides us

- the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine utilizing nature for whole body wellness

- the wisdom of modern science to formulate highly effective products that deliver results

By combining Moreen’s knowledge and the individual benefits of these three powerful concepts, combined, Ausganica is able to deliver one of a kind, highly concentrated, ultra effective, triple certified, plant based products that work.

And we raise the bar on safe effective skin care and beauty products even further.....


Claiming “organic” doesn’t mean it’s all good, nor does it mean the products work.

Our products don’t use use just a few plants in our beauty product formulas to market them as “all natural” or key active ingredients, we use plants to comprise 100% of the entire formulation.

No other beauty product on the market contains such high concentrations in potency, purity, and volume of plant ingredients or all- plant formulations in the beauty industry.

Ausganica does.


Ausganica is manufactured in a Certified Organic Facility that we own and operate. Our Organic and Safety Certifications far exceed those established by the USA’s FDA.

Approved by the ACO (Australian Certified Organic)  
StandardOFC (Organic Food Chain) Standard in Sydney Australia
COSMOSEU Standards


Now, one does not have to choose between healthy and safe vs. chemically ladened products in order to see the results one hopes to achieve. The tradeoff only delivers partial results, and with negative side effects that are unhealthy and often times dangerous.

The entire Ausganica product line is all natural, cruelty-free, vegan, free from synthetics, chemicals, artificial preservatives, petro chemicals, synthetics, masking agents, and fillers. We harness the power of pure plants working together synergistically to deliver amazing results. But most importantly…they are EFFECTIVE.

Ausganica creates clean beauty products for the entire family including organic Rose Skin Care, Organic Shampoos and Conditioners, Organic Body Lotions and Body Wash, Organic Women’s Intimate products, Organic baby Products, Organic Toothpaste, and 100% Organic plant based Luxury Fragrance Line for Women and men.


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