3 Secrets to Healthy, Beautiful Hair

While it is true that genetics play a role in who gets to have gorgeous hair, most of us can still improve on what we have, if we only knew how.

The secret to truly healthy hair is to work on bringing your overall health into balance. This is ancient wisdom from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM looks at the entire person for the solutions to our problems, as opposed to just treating the symptoms.

Chinese medicine says that it’s healthy kidneys that impart shine, wonderful texture, and body to the hair. Our kidneys are responsible for cleaning our blood and improving blood flow. If the kidneys suffer from fatigue for too long or become very weak, it could gradually turn our hair white.

TCM also finds that it’s our liver that strengthens our hair’s follicles and roots to prevent hair loss. If you are losing too much hair (more than 80-100 hairs a day, which is normal), you could have a weakened liver.

Amazing isn’t it? Apparently, the lungs are also closely connected to the cleanliness of the scalp, which means that those who suffer from an oily scalp, acne, or scalp impurities, usually have issues with their breathing, or live in an environment with too much air pollution.

The beauty of this traditional approach is that it gently encourages us to modify our lifestyle, in a way that can truly change our life for the better. Healthy kidneys, liver, and lungs bring boundless glowy health to hair and body.

Isn’t this a great thing?

I think this approach from Chinese medicine can also explain why applying a topical solution to our problems rarely works, and simply costs us money. It’s better to have a combined approach to internal health with external products

The founder of Ausganica, an Australia-based beauty brand that has recently come to the U.S., Moreen Liao, studied Chinese medicine before creating her line of organic hair care products. Her two grandfathers were TCM practitioners, and she grew up benefitting from their wisdom.

Moreen acknowledges that there can be other factors involved in hair health, such as poor diet, stress, or certain medications. The use of harsh, non-organic, non-natural products, can also do a lot of damage to the hair and scalp, and affect the appearance of our hair.

Ausganica uses only natural, certified organic, and plant-based ingredients, and no petroleum distillates, harsh chemicals, CFC’s, or surfactants, to treat and cure your fatigued skin and hair.

“You do not need to compromise your body or the planet to get something that works,” says Moreen.

Ausganica products are to your hair, like eating a well-balanced diet is to your body. It is the perfect complement to a healthy lifestyle.

Moreen Liao is a descendant of four generations of traditional Chinese medicine doctors. She is also a certified aromatherapist and the founder of Ausganica, a manufacturer of salon-quality, certified organic cosmetics. Visit Ausganica.

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