Ausganica’s Non-Toxic Ethos Is Australian Beauty At Its Finest

Elle Magazine recently declared that “A-beauty is taking over the K-beauty skincare hype,” and we at Ausganica couldn’t agree more.

A-beauty stands for Australian beauty, which refers to a beauty ethos that’s non-toxic and organic, and it’s inspired by Australia’s vast landscapes, and the nature-based lifestyle of the Australian people.

Compared to the more well-known K-beauty from Korea—which can get nuanced and complicated— Australian beauty is about harnessing the power of simplicity.

The hashtag #abeauty is a relatively new idea, but Ausganica has always been about an Australian beauty ethos. It is who we are.

Formed in Australia in 1997, Ausganica’s name actually comes from the concept of “Australian Organic Care.”  

Our mission is to help our community to maximize their potential for organic living by providing access to the highest quality certified organic products possible.

We live up to our mission by striving to preserve the potency and vitality of each and every one of our precious botanical ingredients, so as to deliver the unadulterated and innate function of natural plants to our customers.

A meaningful part of this commitment is served by our three organic certifications. We don’t know of any other beauty brand that has three certifications.

We feel this third-party verification gives assurances to our customers that our ingredients are safe not only for their bodies, but also for the environment.

We’ve been doing this in Australia for over a decade, and we are enormously happy to be finally launching our unique brand of Australian beauty in the United States this year.

From Taiwan To Australia, With Love

Our founder, Moreen Liao, moved to Australia from Taiwan when she was fresh out of college, and she fell in love with the nature-loving Australian lifestyle.

Having grown up with a large garden filled with aromatic blooms, and in a family that followed the Traditional Chinese Medicine principles of harmony and balanced living, she felt very much at home.

In Australia, Moreen felt like there was boundless freedom in the air to explore.  

Australia’s endless clear skies, and boundless stretches of arid green-gold landscapes, was somehow imbued in its culture.

Moreen felt like it was the place to root her vision of an Australian beauty brand that would maximize the potential for organic living.

She decided that she would offer only premium, certified organic products, to her community of like-minded individuals.

Her desire is that people choose to buy from Ausganica because it accords with their values, and how they want to live.

A-Beauty Is About Organic Purity

Australians have been quietly pioneering the natural movement in the background for decades.

The land “down under” has long been known for its high quality, inspired-by-nature beauty ethos.

In fact, Moreen helped to pen the certified organic standards in Australia over a decade ago, and she believes that they are stronger than in the United States.

As one of the pioneers of the organic movement, Ausganica has a proud heritage as an Australian beauty brand.

Moreen’s involvement in organics began while working for an Australia-based global supplier and outsource manufacturer to the beauty industry.

It is there that she developed her extensive network of skincare experts, herbalists, hair specialists, growers, and suppliers of quality organic and natural ingredients to transform her vision into reality.

Multifunctional Skincare

Rose Skincare Ausganica

As people who love to be in nature, Australians don’t want to fuss with a lot of complicated skincare.

Moreen had this in mind when she designed each and every Ausganica product to be multifunctional.

For example, our Rose Cleansing Oil takes off makeup and cleanses the skin as you would expect, but it’s also gentle, moisturizing, and pH balancing, so it serves as a toner.

After using our cleansing oil, all that’s needed for a two-step skincare routine is your favorite moisturizer.

Sticking with our Rose Skincare collection, you could use our oil-free Rose Emulsion, or an ultra-nourishing Rose Elixir.

If you are prone to dry skin, then Rose Facial Cream would be a perfect choice.

Ausganica’s skin care is so gentle and effective that any moisturizer can also double as an eye-treatment without concern for stinging or irritation.

The basic principle Moreen follows is (in her words) “to pack as many organic goodies as I can into a bottle.”

For people who love simplicity and balance, there is nothing more luxurious than experiencing Rose Skincare on your skin.

From its function, to the beauty of the packaging, it’s pure ingredients make you feel as if you are in nature every time you use it.

Unique And Innovative Australian Ingredients

Australian beauty brand Ausganica

Australia is famous for its scrublands, lizards, and bottlebrush. The Outback is recognized as one of the largest remaining pristine areas on earth.

Not surprisingly, its unique flora and fauna produce some of the world’s most potent ingredients, such as Eucalyptus (a favorite of Koala bears), Lemon Myrtle, Niaouli, Palmarosa, Rosalina, Sandalwood, Apricot Kernel, Jojoba, Macadamia, and the world-famous Tea Tree.

Moreen has carefully woven these gem’s of Australia’s landscape into her cosmetics collections.

For example our Lemon Myrtle shampoo and conditioner—carrying the fragrance of creamy lemon and lime—together with Tea Tree Oil, is an homage to our roots.

Its synergistic blend of botanicals purify and refresh an oily hair and scalp to its optimal balance, without over-drying.

Lemon Myrtle, and the many other unique and innovative botanicals we formulate with, are an important piece of our brand’s tapestry.

After all, formulating for simplicity, and respect for the inherent strength and potency of our ingredients, is bound up in our roots as an Australian beauty brand.

Our factory, located just west of Sydney, Australia, is where we still manufacture all of our products.

Check out to discover your next favorite organic beauty product today.

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