3 Steps to simplify your whole skincare routine

You don’t need to be depressed about how long your skincare routine takes any more.

Maybe it’s just one of those days—or weeks—where you are SO busy. And the weird part is, you may have no idea why. Where does the time go?

No matter the reason, these three easy adjustments to your daily routine will help you save time and still look amazing…\

  1. Just one product for both cleansing and makeup removal

So you’re tired after a long day, but if you wear makeup, especially waterproof makeup, you need something effective to ensure that get off all those residual pigments and chemicals.

And you’d normally have a moisturizing facial soap to follow up with.

But you actually don’t need to use them both. A single cleansing oil is actually enough to do it all. So imagine yourself feeling better with that little bit extra sleep and just less hassle.

There are several popular ones in the market, but the Ausganica cleansing oil is a good one, which is also … It can take off waterproof mascara and lip colors and just the one single bottle can be used for all purpose cleansing and moisturizing(which is what I personally do.) It leaves skin soft while also cleaning well. And we’ve had numerous customer compliments on the “skin feel,” of the product.

If you do not wear makeup at all, a gentle foaming cleanser, such as this, is enough.

  1. Tone and Nourish in one step

Earlier this week, we talked about skin superfoods and the ways they can nourish your skin.  But what does toner actually do? It probably confuses a lot of people. Toner removes any detergents remaining on the face, balances the skin’s pH and closes the pores if you used hot water in the cleansing step. It also helps bring moisture back into the skin’s epidermis and preps the skin to receive the nutrients of the moisturizer.

To simplify, instead of the two step toner + moisturizer, use luke warm water instead of hot to wash your face, and if you used a gentle enough cleanser in step one, you can just skip the toner and go straight to the moisturizer. So now your routine has been reduced from 4 steps to only 2. No soap, no toner, just cleansing oil then moisturizer, such as a good multipurpose facial serum or elixir.

  1. Understanding of products and ingredients allows you to simplify

We get it, it’s stressful with so many products marketing themselves as the remedy for this, that, and the other thing, so we’ll try to give you some basic info quickly, so you can make the best decision.

  • Nutrients ― what your skin actually needs to stay healthy, firm, and glowing are nutrients. So all of our moisturizing formulas; our serums, elixirs, creams, etc. are designed to be lightweight and oil free so the beneficial ingredients can travel deeply into the skin, not forming a film or blocking other nutrients from getting in.
  • The product that Ausganica makes that is called a toner is actually formulated like a light serum with a lot of plant based hyaluronic acid and can penetrate skin very well and is very light in texture.
  • Our elixir product is made with 108 plant extracts, and is indeed a skin superfood. Like any living being, if we constantly consume healthy and beneficial foods, our skin will naturally glow and stay in its most beautiful condition.

So again, since we’re simplifying, some people use all three of these products together (toner + serum + elixir), but if you’re crunched on time, you can pick just one and enjoy your new 2 step skincare routine!

You’ll probably feel better as soon as you start simplifying. Stick with our emails and Moreen’s blog for more tips on a simple, beautiful and organic life. We hope you’ll really enjoy your journey to better health and beauty.

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