Ausganica’s Organic Health and Beauty Philosophy

At Ausganica we are concerned about the damage to our bodies and the planet due to stress and other environmental factors, and so we set out to create products that would fortify our skin, while healing the earth.

Ausganica is about reconnecting with nature in its purest and most essential state, resulting in highly effective products—dare we say even more effective—than the commercial cosmetic houses, and even traditional natural skin care brands.

Ausganica has been a true star in skincare by using organic aromas and advanced skin actives in the most scientific and effective way possible. What we provide is salon level performance in a certified organic package that you can feel good about using.

We believe that you do not need to compromise your body or the planet to get something that works. That is why Ausganica uses only natural, certified organic, and plant-based ingredients, and no petroleum distillates, harsh chemicals, CFC’s or surfactants, to treat and cure your fatigued skin and hair.

We believe only the purest actives, taken from nature in their finest form, have the ability to truly heal us, and this is why we scour the globe for only the best ingredients, grown in their optimal environments.

Our commitment to organic certification means these ingredients are grown respectfully, without pesticides or other chemicals being dumped onto the earth. The entire lifecycle of each ingredient is pristine, clean, and pure, and we manufacture in our own certified organic facility in Australia to ensure proper handling and packaging of our precious ingredients.

Our natural botanical experts, farmers, and holistic chemists all share the same goal of allowing our customers to feel the power of the plant’s wisdom strengthening their bodies innate purity, naturally, through regular use of our products.

Our functional peptides, hyaluronic acids, and antioxidant actives are sourced from pure and natural botanicals and superfoods. Each ingredient offers your skin and body healing in its own way. The goal is to restore your body’s innate wisdom and vibrancy, so it can withstand environmental stressors more easily.

Our engagement of a diverse set of ingredients brings into force hundreds of molecules which act in synergy to supply a rich source of nourishment for your skin. Because of our high quality base ingredients, each of these tiny botanical elements are able to penetrate deep inside the skin cells and delivery maximum nutrients.

It is similar to eating a well balanced diet, and obtaining all the necessary vitamins and minerals that allow the body to thrive. With Ausganica you have potent food for your skin and hair. And we’ve taken care of the cooking, so all you have to do is breath deeply and enjoy as the precious plants go to work restoring your inner perfection.

We hope you learn something from this blog about how to look great and truly be healthy.

Moreen Liao is a descendant of four generations of traditional Chinese medicine doctors. She is also a certified aromatherapist and the founder of Ausganica, a manufacturer of salon-quality, certified organic cosmetics. Visit Ausganica.

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