Do you know the real reason why hair conditioners make your hair feel silky? Do you know that there are actually risks? Like hair loss? Read my interview with Traditional Chinese medicine Expert and Ausganica Founder Moreen Liao to see the shocking truths about some hair products and why going all natural is so much more than a good hair day.


Aaaah….That soft and silky feeling of our hair after shampoo and conditioner. Especially the conditioner. Personally, I would never even think of getting a comb through my hair without it, not to mention relieving that squeaky-clean-rough-texture feeling that my hair has post shampoo and pre-conditioner. We shampoo to cleanse and remove the oil from our hair, and we condition to, well, condition the hair.

That’s a good thing….right?

Yes. And No. Sort of.

I’ve been professionally trained in Cosmetology and worked as a hair stylist and Salon Owner for many many years. Shampoo and Conditioners were the staple of my business. I considered myself an expert in shampoo and conditioner. I mean….I was a trained professional.

So when I first used Ausganica Shampoo and Conditioner (I used the Organic Lavender Soothing Shampoo and Conditioner), I was a little confused.

At first.

It felt nothing like what I was used to…. yet my hair came out better than it ever had.

After I joined the Ausganica team, I wanted to ask our Founder and Product Formulator Moreen Liao, intense questions as to what was behind my experience. So I embarked on an official interview, and what I learned was a game changer.


I was used to alot more lather, and I wasn’t sure if my hair felt ulta clean or just too dry after my shampoo. Maybe I didn’t use enough product?

Maybe my hair was in that bad of condition?

I followed with the Lavender Soothing Conditioner. The instant it touched my hair, it felt like my hair was literally drinking it in. It was soft, but it didn’t feel heavy.

It felt perfectly balanced. I easily combed through my hair, which surprised me because my hair felt so “not heavy”. I followed with my blow dry, an act I was so used to dreading that I didn’t expect much glory, if any at all. My hair is colored, foiled, bleached, toned, and long overdue for a haircut. (some stylist right?)


Wow. For real.

No frizz, shiny BEFORE the after gloss, and my hair was holding the shape from the round brush I used.

I was amazed and yet puzzled at the same time. The shampoo, so I thought, made my hair feel drier when I was shampooing. The conditioner completely removed that texture, AND I had a great hair day.

I wanted to know how this worked, because it completely altered my entire experience of “shampoo” and “conditioner”. I’m talking Thousands of heads of shampoos and conditionings.

I shared my total experience with Moreen, and then I asked the questions.


Krissy: What happened to the suds? I’m used to more lather

Moreen: the sudzing action comes from sulfates which help create the lather, but the lather doesn’t mean your hair is getting cleaner. Less lather doesn’t mean your hair is NOT getting clean either.

Krissy: Is it my hair, or the shampoo, because my hair felt different after the shampoo. It felt squeaky clean, but that made me feel afraid that it was too clean. My experience to that kind of squeaky-clean-feeling was always with clarifying shampoos that stripped everything from the hair and leaving it impossible to comb through.

Moreen: It’s what IS IN our shampoo and what is NOT in our shampoo.

What is NOT in our shampoo and conditioner, are silicas and dimethicones. Both are attributed to giving the hair a silky feeling, leaving hair tangle free and helping comb through tangles still there.

But the reason they are NOT in our products, aside from not being a naturally occurring, organic plant, is the negative side effects they leave.

Hair Loss.

The same silicas that make the hair “slippery”, also make hair growing from the root slippery. They can cause the hair to easily slip out of the scalp, making hair loss alot easier for the scalp to release each strand.

These ingredients also block nutrients from feeding the hair strand itself by clogging the root’s “pore”. Hair grows slower, weaker, and hence easier still, to simply slip out from the scalp.

Which brings me to what is IN our shampoo and conditioners.

The organic plants and essential oils we use are so good for your hair, skin, and scalp, not just because they are not bad, but because of how I chose and formulated them.

Using my knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I know that hair loss can stem from Kidney issues, so I chose plants that address the kidney. I chose Rose to offer essential vitamins, nutrients, and essential fatty acids to nourish the hair from the root, and I chose plants like olive leaf extract to provide a protective barrier to the skin and hair strand.

All the plants work in total harmony for results but also for healing and wellness.

That’s also why all our ingredients must be organic, because they are free from any toxic influence, and rely solely on the fruits and benefits of the natural soil the earth can only provide. This is true for all our products.

Krissy: So my hair wasn’t actually drier from the shampoo, it was actually clean without being stripped clean.

Moreen: Yes. You are simply not used to the feeling, but it is actually very normal, and how your hair SHOULD feel after a healthy shampoo.

Krissy: And when I felt like my hair was literally “drinking” in the conditioner…. It actually WAS?

Moreen: Yes. Your hair absorbed everything it needed, and nothing it didn’t. Your hair wasn’t weighed down with heavy waxes or dimethicone that gives it a false sense of soft. It actually IS soft. For real.

Krissy: I also noticed the hair left in the shower is a lot less than what used to be there (a big glob of hair). So I wasn’t just shedding hair like normal….I was losing more hair?

Moreen: Yes….but not anymore. As new hair grows, your hair will be fuller and thicker, because you will have more of it now.

Krissy: Yay!

Moreen: Remember, our skin and our hair are the outward extension of what is happening on the inside of our bodies, so it’s important to pay close attention to your body, hair and skin. But taking care of your body by eliminating toxic chemicals, both on your skin and what you eat and drink, are the first steps to total wellness.

People never have to worry about the products they use for themselves or their family when they use Ausganica products.

Sometimes making small changes, like switching to healthy organic beauty products for your skin, are the first steps towards a lifetime of wellness and harmony.

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